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aNDY - just what I need - thanks!!! I'll be tuning in . Ali ... Btinternet Well would you believe it, I first heard the band Heart on Radio Caroline, and guess when? Yep in the 1970's! They may have been given air time elsewhere in the UK, but the option of suffering The Bay City Rollers, Donny Osmond and . On:01/09/2007 17:50:58 - Susie wrote: The ability to see the pure HTML, in case you want to add some additional code or tweak what's there. This you can do with Alt-S - I didn't realise this myself until I joined this forum Btinternet Email On:01/09/2007 17:47:34 - Ann wrote: DO PHONE!! Then whoever answers your call (it is worth waiting!…..) knows who you are and has your track record on the screen Ann - It's good to know that they do in customer service, but, . Oh, I see! In which case, no, I don't know of any short cuts (except splitting the site, as Mike K. does). Ali ... Btinternet Mail Rene - you really need to post this up in the PPX2 section of the forum - someone there will probably be able to help you. I'm not running Vista, so I'm afraid I can't. Good luck! Ali ... Hi Paul I designed our website to handle screens with 800x600 as standard so none of our 60+ pages needs to be scrolled. I have been informed that now the most common screen size is 1024 x 768 hence the redesign of the banner to cover . Btinternet Login After a hectic two weeks since the Games Convention in Leipzig ended we are finally now able to breathe and stretch out a little bit. Although there are still loads of videos and audio commentary to come we thought it was time for a . On:31/08/2007 22:33:50 - PaulD wrote: I'd prefer a long cold REEB instead !oot ,eM - luaP Ali ... Btinternet Yahoo Ali ... Sixy - if I were you, I'd send this direct to a couple of Serif staff E-mails (Sarah or Patrick, perhaps), just to make sure someone gets the message soon. Ali ... Btinternet Hiya, Marilyn! How are you doing today In answer to Paul, yes, it is loosely connected to SPAM - it was the powedered milk (KLIM - get it) that my parents grew up on during the war!!! No you can go off topic again, if you like Paul - that's OK! I am as bemused about all this as you are. Hey, ho!! Ali ... Btinternet Email On:31/08/2007 17:37:03 - PaulD wrote: I couldn't help but think that perhaps his first action upon becoming the Director of sausage and specialty products should perhaps have been to change the job title. If I'd been him, . Thanks to Steve for sending this my way! Here's Gamespot's rundown on all things Master League and Editing in PES 2008. Informative article that attempts to cover all the aspects of the two features of the game we love Btinternet Mail On:31/08/2007 16:27:05 - P Randall wrote: Seeing what your response would be to someone not being aggressive. I don't believe any one of us has actually been aggressive - defensive, perhaps, frustrated, certainly, perplexed, definitely Hi, Kathy! Have a look - you might find something you can use easily. Ali ... Btinternet Login Michael - some of us have had this problem with pretty much every bit of Serif software that has been released recently. All I can say is keep re-booting until it installs! Ali ... Enjoy this little video before tommorow's highly anticipated podcast. Should keep you guys busy until then! Also available as HD Download. HD Download Link (720p - 140MB)

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Btinternet Yahoo Stan - I think copying and pasting is your best option. If you import from html, you will probably find that certain elements get converted to graphics. There is currently no way of easily combining two WP projects Great video showing off the fans favorite Ronaldinho. Available in HD as well for better quality and playback. More videos to follow today. HD Download Link. Coming Soon. Btinternet On:30/08/2007 23:58:09 - Jonny wrote: the problem is the way i've designed it. the vertical stripe in the layout, does not grow downwards with a larger screen. Jonny - as a matter of interest, have you used WP to design your site Ali On:30/08/2007 23:21:08 - Mike Koewler wrote: Yeah, but spell checkers don't help a lot with stuff like this! Mike - as you know, I'ma teacher - you should see the suggestions thrown up by spell checkers for some of my pupils' names . Btinternet Email On:30/08/2007 21:59:59 - Bob wrote: If I type bobandalice .com on my machine using either FireFox or Internet Explorer I get the message ...did not match any document Bob - I think Alfred has probably hit the nail on the head here, . On:30/08/2007 21:11:12 - PaulD wrote: since Winter will be here in a few months Well, we had summer in April, so by my reckoning, it's here on . Saturday!!!!!!! Ali ... Btinternet Mail On:30/08/2007 21:05:17 - Mike Koewler wrote: The sight from the site you cite Isn't language wonderful!!! Ali ... On:30/08/2007 16:14:36 - Adam Whitehouse wrote: church bell tolls tumbleweed rolls by and then that eerie whistled strain - oh, no! I'd better get outa this town again . !!!!! Ali ... Btinternet Login On:30/08/2007 16:30:24 - David P wrote: You sound a person, that as to be right every time. David - so do you. We'll have to agree to differ, then, won't we. Ali ... Think about it? A band comes together from the pedigree of The Small Faces, and The Jeff Beck Group, during the late 1960's. They are all broadly inspired by R&B, Blues, and good old rock'n'roll, and like a drink or two before, during, . Btinternet Yahoo The next issue of POM UK (Playstation Official Magazine) due to hit the stands this week features a 2-page article on PES 2008 comparing and contrasting changes in the next-gen versions to the previous games of yester-year On:29/08/2007 13:29:55 - 'Awful Punster' wrote: crop the finished panorama into two overlapping halves in the simplest of image editors, making for fairly painless reconstruction of the pano if you want to export it as a VR movie Well, . Btinternet Wes - I use the UK filter in Google regularly. Ali ... On:29/08/2007 14:53:25 - Sam wrote: Well, 3 templates done. I wish wp6 had effects and curve tool. Well done, Sam - keep it up! Can you make beds as fast as this Ali ... Btinternet Email I am trying to create a banner for our website, that is 960 x 148 px that is made up of about 7 images all pasted onto the banner as a new layer. I am wanting the individual images to have feathered edges so that all the images blend . One can almost hear Hamish Olivier McTavish . !!! Ali ... Btinternet Mail On:28/08/2007 22:50:45 - Ralph Klock wrote: As well as the full Program CD, download versions also include the Resource CD and printable PDF version of the User Guide. Parts of this have been contested elsewhere in these forums!!! Ali However, if you are wanting to open and edit files for the WEB in WP10 that were created in PP9, then I don't think you can (someone will correct me if I'm wrong) . And someone did - thanks, Alfred, for the clarification! Ali ... Btinternet Login Richard - well, there is that, yes! And whilst ever we have services that offer speeds of 'up to' whatever speed, then we are going to get this problem, but this is already being challenged, and I suspect that broadband providers in the . Paul - I'm not surprised! It's interesting. Whenever anyone has a speed issue with a website, it is picked up by those with dial-up, and predominantly by our friends in the US. I imagine that Mike K. will know the latest figures .

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Btinternet Yahoo Don - if I understand correctly, you are concerned that upgrading to WebPlus 10 will somehow overwrite PagePlus 9 files - well, it can't do, so don't worry! However, if you are wanting to open and edit files for the WEB in WP10 that . David - I don't think that this would be either practical or even possible, since (as far as I am aware) documents created for the web in PP11 and PPX2 are NOT compatible with WP10. In other words, you can't open them and work on them . Btinternet Just rec'd PP11. All the brush tips I've tried seem to work along the COMPLETE length of a path EXCEPT 'Effects - trail'. Am I missing something here or is it some foolish prank on Serif's part Thanks John L... You could try - they are very helpful. Ali ... Btinternet Email aNDY, Don't think so - DCM and this new PhotoPlus come out of the Future Publishing stable. The latter comes out on Wed 26 Sep, if you're interested. And thanks for the great welcome to the Flicker SUG forum!!! Ali ... Ann - as I have mentioned before, there is no option that I have ever seen to get the CDs as well vai downloading, despite some on the forums suggesting that there is. I was caught out this way when downloading AlbumPlusX2 - but I have . Btinternet Mail On:25/08/2007 02:14:33 - Mike Koewler wrote: Mark must feel that the more characters he posts, the more his messages will be read. Mike - unfortunately, I find it has the opposite effect on me . Ali ... Crikey, Mark! You don't half go off on one!!! I really wasn't spoiling for an argument, and I certainly didn't expect a diatribe in response - I was merely making a comment. Ali ... Btinternet Login Mike - SNAP!!! Ali ... Greg, EITHER put this code SCRIPT HTTP-EQUIV=REFRESH CONTENT=5URL=http://www.newsite.suffix in the header section of your index.html (where 5 indicates five seconds and can be changed to what you like), OR, in WP10, use the redrect tab . Btinternet Yahoo posted a reply:. I agree with Alby, definately a Sloe Bug. Interesting site: On:23/08/2007 13:13:51 - PaulD wrote: Given the times - maybe asleep Paul - not at the time I was on the forum (early evening)! Ali ... Btinternet On:23/08/2007 15:53:37 - Dave H @ Serif wrote: As far as I can tell, the option to manually rotate with a mouse tool does not disappear when you change the Transform Tab's Anchor point. Dave - no-one has suggested that they can't . thanks for the tip, can they do that from an MS patch or from an newer version of MS office... Btinternet Email Brilliant advice very many thanks... On:23/08/2007 04:30:49 - Jim B. wrote: I go away for 5 hours, and when I return, not a single new post or reply I noticed that - where is everyone Ali ... Btinternet Mail I am trying to run a module which searches my inbox and saves the attachments, but the code exits before it searches all emails. I think it has something to do with my moving the email after I save the attachment but . W., Welcome to the forum! Quite apart from Serif being a great company producing excellent software at a very reasonable price, there is also this amazing forum for users . and, boy! are we an eclectic bunch!!! Stay around and you'll . Btinternet Login On:21/08/2007 22:14:08 - mjh wrote: THis file is about half the size. Hi, Marilyn! Apart from some obvious pixellation on the blue background, I think that looks pretty good. Ali ... On:21/08/2007 14:43:01 - Sixwheels wrote: I'm going to change my name to DrawPlus X2 Forum Ah - it just won't be the same, Sixy!!! Ali ...

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Btinternet Yahoo On:21/08/2007 17:47:04 - stuartb wrote: Alison fully patched now and still no change! When you rotate by hand are you sure you are not still rotating about the centre Yes, I do see what you mean now - very odd! . That's looking good. Got to go out now with my little girl - I'll come back this evening for another look. Ali ... Btinternet Alex - where do you live Dandelions are to be seen all over England, and, more irritatingly, all over my lawn!!! See attached - one in flower, and one once the 'clock' (seed head) has formed. Beware! Dandelion milk, if touched too much, . Stuartb, Not so - I can rotate by hand regardless of the chosen anchor point. Is your version fully patched Ali ... Btinternet Email On:21/08/2007 00:32:03 - Alex Ford wrote: perhaps if i put the eye ball in the other eye soket I very nearly suggested that in my last post - yes! As for the grass - there needs to be a bit of artistic licence, doesn't there Of course . Alex - yes - but leave something to imagination. The door doesn't need to say 'enter', but it could be slightly ajar. This way, there would be a feeling of having stumbled across it, rather than being told to follow a certain path - do . Btinternet Mail Alex - it is in front of the monument, I feel, that you need to focus. The background is almost irrelevant, and could easily be just a swirl of mist. What interests me, when I view the image, is what lies beyond that stone (not behind . On:20/08/2007 23:09:26 - Alex Ford wrote: I think i understand what you mean, but in the gallery part of the website i intend to put pictures of the world to make up for it. Yes, but if that will be the front end, the gateway to the . Btinternet Login On:20/08/2007 22:54:09 - Lon in California wrote: DP-X4 Seems premature, but what do I know. I'm just a baker! Lon - that should give you time to perfect the PDF-illing . Ali ... Hi, Alex! Just keep trying with the graohic - you'll find a way to get it to perform quicker, but there will be a lot of trial and error. Just looking at the graphic: what is this meant to be Is it supposed to be a mysterious gateway or . Btinternet Yahoo On:20/08/2007 18:42:14 - Sonia wrote: all they do is get cross and then sulk Yep! One of the aforementioned kittys (the tom cat, not the queen) always made a beeline for me whenever I walked in. Every night I would go to bed, . On:20/08/2007 13:15:38 - Jurgen Kern wrote: Better integration of objects with Page Plus. For example, copying a formatted table to Page Plus should create a new table, not just an image of a table. Jurgen - I agree very much with this Btinternet Hello, Wes! Just rename the index.html (to indexA.html, for example), then upload the new index.html. Then, when your'e ready to revert, get rid of the new version and re-name the old back to index.html. Thanks for the comments on the . On:19/08/2007 19:09:55 - Sonia wrote: I understand what you are saying but my cat is going blind and has problems at times when she poops ie misses her box then sits on it. Ah, bless her! No, I can see why human intervention might be . Btinternet Email Hang on - where is this tick box When i go to file/publish site/publish to web the only tickboxes are 'publish all pages' or 'back up document to the remote server' - nothing re the WPP file... Hi - I get the same thing. Havingjust altered two pages (one word per page!) on my site and uploaded, the 'incremental' upload is 20+Mb (full upload 22Mb). The actual pages I've altered upload in seconds - it'e the Btinternet Mail On:19/08/2007 02:42:36 - Mike Koewler wrote: BTW, by canning, I mean putting it into glass jars and sealing them so when I take the lid off in January the stuff inside is just as good as it would be today. Ah - there you go! . Wouldn't be the Serif forum otherwise . !!! Ali ... Btinternet Login Mike - don't think she thinks you should preserve salsa at all, frozen or tinned!!! If it is of any consolation at all, the extent of my 'vegetable' gardening this year comprises one lonely runner bean in a pot (brought home from school . Reckon I do . !!! Ali ...

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Btinternet Yahoo On:19/08/2007 01:02:22 - Jim B. wrote: A few extracts from the survey results. 800x600 10#037 1024x768 42#037 1280x1024 23#037 1600x1200 3#037 Does that prove the theory of evolution, I wonder Ali ... Paul - the Press are so-named (in my opinion!) because they like to beat us into submission (you get the imagery, hopefully - and before anyone tries to put me right, I know that's not really why they are called 'the Press'!!!) Btinternet On:19/08/2007 00:51:59 - Al Rogers wrote: What does the G stand for Grace - under fire, usually!!!! Ali ... On:19/08/2007 00:35:17 - Al Rogers wrote: I was clearly delirious and was put down appropriately. Gosh - Al, you came back from the dead Wow! What's your secret Ali ... Btinternet Email On:18/08/2007 21:55:13 - londonsandy wrote: As for the pictures Sandy - as you may have noticed in a recent thread started by me, this is a difficult area. What you are trying to achieve, regardless of the software you are using, . Boy - you work fast! Ali ... Btinternet Mail Alex - well done on finishing your site (although, as others will be very quick to point out, a site is never truly 'finished')! Just one observation - I'm on high-speed broadband - your gadget and scenes gallery pictures are VERY slow . On:18/08/2007 12:56:44 - Martin Taylor wrote: It wasn't me who recommended that software Oops! And I was convinced that it was! Well, whoever it was, thank you! And sorry for getting the wrong person . EDIT: I'm not going completely . Btinternet Login Mike - :P As a visitor to other sites, actually I DO like to see when they were last updated - you'd be amazed how many are months, if not years, out-of-date (when I say this, I am refering to those whose content SHOULD be up-to-date) Ah, yes, Marilyn - I see what you're getting at! It's not a script that is creating the time stamp - it's WP. So, if I haven't closed and re-opened the .wpp file (which I hadn't on this occasion as I was busy working on it), . Btinternet Yahoo On:17/08/2007 21:00:14 - mjh wrote: and not released to him UNTIL he resolves certain issues to the satisfaction of the aggrievant. Is that someone in the distance whistling an eerie, echoey strain I think I'm gonna get the hell outa . Well-spotted, Marilyn! Couldn't get two bits of code working side-by-side in WP (although they had worked perfectly well in PP), so I just dumped in the date from the INSERT. Date menu - I shall go and add BST to the end - that should . Btinternet A while back, this was discussed in the forums. At that time, Martin Taylor mentioned, which was being used effectively by a friend of his. I have implemented their booking widget into a site that I am building, . Apologies if I've missed this in another thread, but is it possible to attach an ALT tag to an HTML fragment or to an iFrame If so, where do I insert the code Thanks, Ali ... Btinternet Email Steve - funny, I needed this information myself only an hour ago - I found the answer in an earlier thread. You need to do this via the Master Page properties (right click on the MP icon in the site tab). Select the background tab and . Not quite sure where all this is leading . Ali ... Btinternet Mail On:17/08/2007 11:10:40 - P Randall wrote: personally I don't like subcriptions - others may disagree and like them. I also do not see the present method as a problem. Paul - nor do I, as I stated clearly in my post! . On:17/08/2007 10:25:46 - P Randall wrote: Perhaps Serif could think about this problem (if it is a problem), but again where is the limit drawn as to when people are told there is a new product - 1 week, 2 weeks or when If it were say 2 . Btinternet Login :tip: Keith - I see you are working in a school (as I do), so your best option is to ask your network manager to patch the program for you. If you try to do it yourself, you might actually be breaking with your school's ICT policy In which case, I understand your frustration. Ali ...